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Thank you for stopping by my website! I'm A'Yana L., the proud CEO of AY Marketing Agency LLC, which is a fully veteran-owned business. With more than a decade of marketing experience, I have also taught marketing in the United States, Lithuania, Poland, and Germany. All of this was accomplished while pursuing my bachelor's degree in marketing and master of business administration.

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My Story

I embarked on my sales and marketing journey at the age of 16, working for my mother's media company. Transitioning to door-to-door and B2B sales for internet and cable services, I became one of those persistent individuals approaching customers in stores. Joining the military, I trained as a mechanic but found myself working in public relations, known as "the media girl." During my military service, I pursued a marketing degree and later completed my master's in business administration. In 2020, I left the military to establish my own marketing agency, leveraging my social media expertise to help others as I had done for myself.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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